Our Philosophy We are dedicated to understanding our clients’ needs and providing them with practical and cost-effective legal advice, representation, solutions and quality legal services. Our attorneys have years of legal expertise and have handled numerous cases and projects of significant complexity and substantial economic and social import. We believe that our expertise in addressing cutting edge issues in such fields as estate taxation, land use, environmental permitting and wealth management is unmatched by any firm in our geographic area, and competitive with metropolitan firms that have infrastructure, costs, and billing rates that are substantially higher than ours. By providing high quality legal services inRead More →

William Rodman Mansion The William R. Rodman Mansion at 388 County Street, New Bedford, Massachusetts was constructed in 1833 as the home of bank president and whaling merchant, William Rotch Rodman. The architect of the granite mansion was Russell Warren, the Rhode Island designer who created the Greek Revival style in Southern New England. During the 1830′s Warren designed for New Bedford’s whaling elite over a dozen private homes and public buildings, which were seminal in the development of Greek Revival architecture. The house remains on its original site and has received minimal alteration. After the death of William R. Rodman in 1855, the houseRead More →

Firm History The firm originally grew out of the friendship of the late Edward Hicks and Leonard Perry, who had been friends from their childhood, and graduated together from New Bedford High School in 1937. They met again after World War II as classmates at Harvard Law School, and both graduated in 1948. In 1965, together with Paul McCawley, they formed a law partnership named Perry, Hicks & McCawley, and began practice at the Masonic Building at 558 Pleasant Street, New Bedford.  Now known as Perry Hicks, LLC, the firm has continuously practiced in New Bedford since its founding. Daniel Perry, son of Leonard Perry, isRead More →