Crapo Hill Landfill

Crapo Hill Refuse DistrictThe Crapo Hill Landfill is a 152 acre landfill in Dartmouth, constructed in 1994 by the Greater New Bedford Regional Refuse Management District that serves the communities of Dartmouth and New Bedford. It was the culmination of twenty years of planning and development. The facility has won numerous awards for excellent management and is expected to meet the waste disposal needs of the communities for approximately 47 years.

Greater New Bedford Regional Refuse Management DistrictDan Perry acted as counsel for the District from 1983 until 1998 and acted as its counsel in connection with acquisition of the property, securing zoning, wetlands and environmental permits including authorization to operate from the Department of Environmental Protection, and an $11,615,000.00 land offering to finance construction of the site, overseeing public bidding for the construction process, including public bidding. He successfully defended and prosecuted numerous lawsuits involving challenges to permits and construction.

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